Own Garments

Not Just T Shirts are happy to embroider or print onto garments provided by yourself. There are some pro's and con's when you use your own clothing. You will save money as our garments are more expensive than say tesco or Asda, and for hen or stag night t shirts this is brilliant. They are only going to be used once so why waste your hard earned cash on top quality t shirts? Buying your own garments is sometimes better for the girls as you know the sizes in certain shop which will fit you best. All we ask is that you try and avoid ribbed fabric as this is hard for our vinyl printing to stick too.

One word of warning though when using your own t shirts or tops, we are human and do make the odd mistake, if we make a mistake on your tops we do not take responsibility where as with our tops you wouldn't even know we had made a mistake because we would just bin it and use another shirt.

Where buying your own clothes for business one other thing to consider is that high street shops usually change their styles/colours every year or even season, most of our suppliers work on a five year cycle as minimum so it is very rare that something is discontinued. There is nothing worse than kitting your staff out with the same uniform and the a few months afterwards having to find the same garments in tesco or Asda. 

The garments we use are sometimes designed specifically for our industry, for example most of the coats, jackets,fleeces and sportswear have hidden zipps which we call access panels, these allow us to put the garment onto our embroidery machine so that after it is embroidered you can close the zip and can't see the back of the embroidered logo.

We can proving polo shirts upto 9xl right down to children's polo's ages 12-18months. We can proving all of the usual products such as polo's, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, hi vis, t shirts along with more specialist items such as sportswear and corporate wear. We have over 25 different colour aprons available.

If you check out the link on the left hand side of our website you will see a web link from our main supplier with over 2500 products to choose from.

If you can't see what you want feel free to give us a call on 01246 554884 and we will do our best to source your requirements. 

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